How to enjoy your espresso cold (Freddo Espresso recipe)

How to make Freddo Espresso


The Freddo Espresso in a pint

Freddo espresso is a coffee made in Greece with the use of espresso and the frappe coffee frother. The result is a perfect iced espresso with an elegant foam.

I guess you love the espresso coffee. The thing is that by definition it’s hot…

I don’t know about you, but especially during summer I personally prefer to enjoy my coffee cold. As well, I love to stare at its foam on the top, I am used to the frappe, you know…

What would you say if I showed you a supereasy way to maintain the excellent espresso taste but this time cold with ice?

Also, the freddo espresso makes for bigger quantity than the single or even double espresso so you will be able to feel the enjoyment for much longer.


So let’s go:

You use a mocca or any espresso coffee machine to make a double espresso.


You leave your espresso for a few minutes to become cold. I personally put it in a pan to decrease the waiting time but this is not mandatory. Even in a glass it won’t take long.


You pour your espresso in a taller glass and if you want you add sugar or stevia.


You whisk it with the frappe coffee frother until it becomes foam. This will take anywhere between 20-30 seconds.



You add 6-8 ice cubes so that your coffee will last for long. If you previously hadn’t waited for these few minutes for your coffee to become cold, then the ice would have melted quickly resulting in a watery mix.


You fill the rest of the glass with water.


You add a straw and you’re ready! Enjoy!


Freddo espresso is one of the most well-known coffees in Greece and I really wonder how come it hasn’t become famous worldwide yet!


Give it a try, if you already haven’t, and you’ll understand what I mean, probably the most absolute coffee for this summer! (after frappe of course 😉 )


For any enquires about the process there are several ways; drop an email, call, leave a comment below or contact us via the contact form on the right handside 🙂


6 Responses to “How to enjoy your espresso cold (Freddo Espresso recipe)

  • You add 6-8 ice cubes so that your coffee will last for long. If you previously hadn’t waited for these few minutes for your coffee to become cold, then the ice would have melted quickly resulting in a watery mix.

    OK… Continue reading…

    You fill the rest of the glass with water.

    OK… So you wait for it to become cold before putting the ice so it doesn’t melt. Then you proceed to add water.

    Or you could just put some more ice into it, making it cold faster and having exactly the same amount of watery mix.

    • Angelo
      1 year ago

      You don’t need to put much water in the end because it will become very watery.
      I would best recommend, though, to make freddo with a moka for 3 cups so that there is more coffee to drink and enjoy.

      About your question to put more ice cubes in the end, I would say not put too many because then you will end up finishing the coffee and have many useless cubes left in your glass.

  • Sorry to say so, but probably your recipe is how NOT to make a proper freddo espresso. Of course, if you like it then by all means enjoy it, but that’s not what you drink in Greek cafes. I’m talking about the saucepan trick (seriously???) and the water addition. Both worsen the taste of the coffee.

    • Angelo
      1 year ago

      Hi Aris,

      Thank you for stopping by. We assume that you talk from experience, you have tried yourself to make freddo with our way and you found that it doesn’t taste so nice compared to mixing the very hot coffee with ice.

      Well I am Greek, I have drunk thousands in the Greek cafes and I find the way I described in the article better as the coffee maintains its taste because the ice cubes don’t melt so quickly in order to mix with coffee and the latter to become diluted quickly, it’s simple physics.

      As for the water, I think it’s better not to put much if the espresso is double but, by the way, I would recommend to make a triple espresso with a moka pot so you can add some water in the end and make an even more everlasting enjoyable experience.

  • konstantinos loutroutzis
    1 year ago

    I agree with Aris (I am also Greek),just commenting to say that i thought that freddo espresso was an Italian recipe!

    So in a trip to Venice i ordered one and the lady in the bar looked at me like i had lost my mind! lol

  • I work at a cafe in Greece,. and if you pour the hot double shot and use the mixer with 2 ice cubes the espresso makes the foam and becomes cold without making the rest of the coffee too watery. After mixing pour over ice and you are aready

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