The Brewologist Greek Frappe Hand Mixer 30W


  • Super Powerful Hand Mixer, almost 10 times more than the average battery milk frother!
  • 30 WATTS for Maximum Frothing and Mixing Action. Perfect even for mixing the ingredients when creating beauty creams!
  • Extra Long Mixing Wand 15cm for even the Tallest Glass and 3 pin UK mains plug operation
  • Create your own Refreshing Greek Style Frappe Coffee or mix Eggs, Protein Shakes, Cold Milk and Baby Creams.
  • SUPER – EASY TO CLEAN, you just clean the straw with a cloth or tissue + Clever Cover is also a measuring cup


Super Powerful hand mixer with long straw! It works way better than any electric milk frother! Imagine that the Brewologist Mixer is 30W while the average battery frother is 3W! It can make dreamy mixes with any instant coffee and produces an everlasting iced coffee experience for all the old and new fans of the frappe recipe. You can clean it easily and quickly. Just put it under the pouring water for seconds. The Frappe Coffee Frother mixes eggs for a smoothy omelet or a splendid carbonara! It also froths cold milk and protein shakes incomparably!


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